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2000 OX66 200hp

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  • 2000 OX66 200hp

    For starters, I am a less than backyard mechanic but I seem to have a knack for getting stuff to work. I have twin 2000 Yamaha OX66 200 hp and was having issues at cruise with my port motor the last time I took it out a few weeks ago. It ran great for about an hour and then was bogging down and cutting out above 3000rpm or when we bounced off waves. We limped back home on the good motor and it sat on the mooring until today when I had a chance to get back to it.

    ***A few weeks ago-- The bulb never got hard when that motor was running and the fuel/water separator was only half full when I checked on it. I never checked the starboard to see if it typically runs full because I had a wedding to get to that night and needed to be home, no time to screw around. The starboard motor ran strong so we can eliminate bad fuel.

    Today, it wouldn't start at all when I first got out there so I cleaned the VST filter and it appeared to run fine at idle but I had to shut it down due to a gas leak from where the VST gasket got pinched. After I corrected the gasket I had trouble getting it to turn over. It sounded like it was starved for fuel so I pumped the primer until the fuel filter on the motor was full and turned over the motor a bunch of times, every so often pumping the bulb and pressing the bleeder valve (?) on the fuel line on top of VST. The motor eventually turned over but idled around 4000rpm (typically 6-7000) and sounded rough. I walked back to the motor to look for anything out of the ordinary when I noticed thick black oil coming from the prop. I shut down the motor right away upon seeing this and raised it out of the water. I don't know what it looked like before but, currently the gap from the prop to the lower unit is slightly bigger on the port (faulty) motor.

    How bad is it doc?

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    Don't know, you have jumped from a suspected fuel problem, to a lower unit problem, so not too sure what to suggest, you said also that you had trouble getting it to turn over, do you mean turn over by the starter, or turn over ,not running? You need to be clear eith what you tell us, fixing problems can be hard when you're there let alone by vague descriptions over the Internet.


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      my guess is a bad lift pump.
      the excess fuel is washing carbon off the ex tube.
      your describing a typical fuel issue.
      I rebuild more blown motors that backyardigans tink with .