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  • Making oil

    I have a f200xb 2013 it's making oil, are you aware of this problem? I'm looking on this site to see if it's national problem or a local problem? I miss having my boat.

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    Where is your boat? Not using it won't cure the problem. Using it might help.

    The "making oil" (fuel dilution really) issue can be a problem with all four strokes. Local, national or international.

    Yamaha, Honda, Mercury, Suzuki, Tohatsu, you name it.

    It generally happens because the piston rings have not seated. Babying the motor during the break in process does not help.

    Operational patterns can contribute to the issue such as lots of idling time, low speed time, frequent starts and stops, usage in very cold water, etc.

    A thermostat that is stuck open may exacerbate the problem. Also, being over propped can contribute to the issue.

    With the boat loaded what is the WOT RPM? Needs to be at or near 6000 RPM.

    I was just looking at a Tohatsu owners manual and they even put a caution note in their book about this. First that I have seen where a manufacturer clearly addresses this to the end user. See below:


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      It's at the dealer.I ran it at 5000 to 6000 for 2 hours and the oil jump way up the dip stick.thanks for your info.


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        Another issue, similar but different, is that it is very easy to over fill a four stroke outboard motor. There is a procedure that should be followed and the oil level should only be to the middle of the dip stick range.

        Inadvertently being over filled is sometimes confused with making oil.