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2006 90hp Yamaha overheat

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  • 2006 90hp Yamaha overheat

    I recently changed my impeller, impeller cup, metal plate below and the gasket. Made sure key lined up and impeller facing correctly. Put back together and ran in barrel with same result of slow tell/tale and after about 4 to 5 minutes would start petering off to hardly anything then of course the alarm and shut down. Have put it in gear and all good there. Took it back off for further investigate and checked water tube that had no grommet or seal above grommet. Bought parts and installed and got same result with overheat again. Flushed ports with water with thermostat and PRV out for 15 minutes with correct telltale and no problem. Changed thermostat and reinstalled PRV and got same result. I did not change the upper plastic water pump housing and am convinced the problem is coming from below. The last time I reassembled I had a friend so I could make sure the water tube is in straight. I am about to pull my hair out as I have done this several times in my 60 years. This morning my local Yamaha dealer refused to sell me a upper housing pump as he says that is not the problem and I am good friends with him. If aANYONE could give me any insight I would be greatly appreciative as I am lost!!

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    Sounds like it may be time for a waterjacket clean out,I went thru the same thing. An infra red temp gun is very handy when dealing with this problem.