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Trying to id outboards

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  • Trying to id outboards

    Hi I recently purchased two 30hp 2 stroke outboards. The covers have Mariner on them but the actual outboards have the Yamaha logo on them followed by Y-1 68900.
    I am looking for the year and model.
    I also need to know what the serial numbers are for the insurance company.
    Not sure if these are the s/n but found these numbers 408336 and 408342 on small discs on the power heads.
    I am based in South Africa

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    The numbers that you found appear to be the serial numbers. I presume the disks that you are talking about are black round decals with a white bar through the middle. And in the middle of the white bar are the numbers in black.


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      That serial number range seems to indicate a model 30AE Longshaft from 1983