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2 Stroke V6 Midsection Swap?

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  • 2 Stroke V6 Midsection Swap?

    Hi All, longtime lurker and new member; thanks for all the info! Quick question, My old jewel has a rotted steering arm. Likely the shift shaft too. Considering a midsection swap for two reasons: runs well otherwise, funds for repower limited. model year 1992, 225hp TXRQ.

    I'm being told by some that the midsection from a S200TXRU (1996) will bolt in using my existing trim & tilt, powerhead, and gearcase. Based on Yamaha part numbers, both the swivel bracket and steering arm are different. Seems like years 87-93 all use the same parts, 94-96 are different. Another local guy said the exhaust baffle on the 200 is different than the 225 and will cause increased back pressure (I am skeptical on this one.)

    Can anyone comment based on experience? Are they form and fit interchangeable, or should I stick to looking for a nice freshwater 87-93?

    Thanks in advance.