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can i swap ignition systems?

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  • can i swap ignition systems?

    Hey guys,
    Im currently running a 1988 115 etld yamaha, it has a bad power pack, and will only run on one bank. I have an opertunity to get a 2000 model 115 thats been blown up for dirt cheap. Will i be able to swap the entire ignition system from the 2000 model to the 1988 model? Some of my mechanic buddies say i might be able to, but i want to know for sure before i shell out more money than i have to.

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    Why not find out what's wrong with your motor and fix it? Got to be a whole lot better and cheaper than messing around trying to fit something that MIGHT be OK.


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      if you swap ex covers,flywheel,stator,pulser assy,oil control assy and engine wire harness, it should work. way easier to fix what you have. with 2 cyl not sparking it could be pulser coil or pack.


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        What is a Yamaha "power pack"?

        A 1988 115 would have ETLG at the end of it.

        A 115ETLD is a 1990 model year motor.

        If you look at the illustration for the two part numbers they are not even close. So, physically the 2000 part will not work with your wire harness. If it is a 1988 model year motor.

        1988 115ETLG Yamaha Outboard ELECTRIC PARTS 1 Diagram and Parts

        2000 115TLRY Yamaha Outboard ELECTRICAL 1 Diagram and Parts

        Now if you really have a 115ETLD and if the 2000 model year motor is a 115ETLY then it appears that the two CDI's are interchangeable.

        This reminds me of the old adage, "if one does not know where one is, and does not know where one wants to go, then any road will take them there".


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          Sorry, the eltd was a typo, it is an eltg. Ive rebuilt the motor and everything is new except the power pack, and if i can swap the whole ignition system and it work for half the price of what i can buy just a cdi, im going with the cheaper option. If all else fails ill replace the bad piston in the 2000 model.


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            have you tested the pulser coil outputs?


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              Yes i have, the coils, stator and trigers all work fine. I had got a used cdi a while back and it cleared up and ran lile a champ for about a week, now im back to where i was.


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                Also, i had gotten a used lower unit and midsection, but the model number on it was 115aeto, how do i find out what year model it is because i cant find it anywhere.


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                  Post the serial # and someone might give you that info