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1989 wr500f (wave runner)

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  • 1989 wr500f (wave runner)

    I have a 1989 wr500f wave runner that has a weak spark to the plugs, could it be the cdi or the coil going out, and if the voltage out of the flywheels stator ac or dc? and last what's the voltage entering and leaving the coil
    -thank you .

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    If it is anything like a Yamaha outboard motor the service manual for your motor will have all the steps and specs and what test equipment to take the readings with.
    Usually a DVM set to DC with a DVA adapter will get it done if you do not have the proper volt meter

    The CDI does nothing but store the voltage and then sends it on the the coils when told to.

    Hope someone sees you post that has the service manual so they can help you.
    But life would be a lot better for you to get a service manual