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  • Yam exhaust

    Yamaha 225/97 exhaust

    I asked this before.
    I understand there was a problem with the exhaust in the mid section.
    Not sure what years were affected????
    Thinking of getting a 97/225 and need ANY input.Good or BAD!!!


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    all I have ever seen was the F V6 motors from 2001-2006 or so.
    I have seen the muffler assy on some 250-300 HPDI's melt but that was due to running issues not a coating issue.


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      Rodbolt, has yamaha got a handle on the issue after 2006? I know they don't date their motors with a model year anymore but I believe there is a manufacture date on the bracket. Only reason I ask is as you know i have had some issues with my 1988 yamaha's this year and if I repower I am looking for V6-200's. Won't be able to afford to go new unfortunately.


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        All Yams are provided with stickers that indicate the month and year of production.

        The exhaust system corrosion problem that was somewhat widespread relates to early F200/F225/F250 models. At or about 2006 all models were equipped with updated exhaust parts from the factory.

        This is not to say that a motor later than 2006 is not going to have the corrosion problem. It might.