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Gear Oil leaking from "weep hole" above oil level plug

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  • Gear Oil leaking from "weep hole" above oil level plug

    Hello all!

    I've got an '89 9.9esf with gear oil leaking of the weep hole above the oil level plug. I think it may be the shifter seals but I can't figure out how to change that boot and bracket or even remove the lower shifter shaft. Or it could be something else? Oil slowly leaks out as water gets in and pushes it up. The driveshaft seals seem fine though I will replace them as well.

    So my questions are how do I replace the shifter shaft boot/seals and what else could cause this leak?

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    my answer, based on your comments.
    take it to a real tech.
    you will fubar it if you attempt it yourself.
    but yes you have either a shift shaft boot or a drive shaft seal leaking.
    both mostly require lower unit dissambly to clean and replace the seals.


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      a clarification.
      to accesss the drive shaft seals requires drive shaft removal BEFORE attempting to remove the seal carrier.
      shift shaft seal replacement is possible without disssasembly UNLESS you disengage the shift cam.
      then it requires propshaft removal to reinstall the shift rod.


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        A Yamaha service manual for your motor should give you procedures,specs., and what tools/equipment is needed to do a lot of things.
        If you plan on working on the motor yourself pick up the manual.

        Prop shaft seals,drive shaft seals ,shift shaft seals and the drain and fill screw gaskets are all places water can get in and oil out.
        You can pressure test to see what all is leaking or just reseal it all if you have the knowledge and tools


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          Thanks for the replies. I appreciate the help. I was able to remove the shift shaft boot. It took some effort because it was gunked up. I disassembled the prop shaft then removed the screw on the boot bracket and was able to eventually work it up and out. The boot looks fine but some debris and build up had worked its way between the boot and casing causing the leak. Cleaned it up and this fixed the leak. I'll probably go ahead and replace the boot anyway and the oil seals on the shaft.

          The shaft bearing was blown from when the oil leaked out so gotta replace that too. I managed to get the thing out any tips on how to properly install the new one? (its #3 Yamaha OEM Parts ? Outboards, Outboard Motors)

          Also, any recommended places to get the service manual?


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            buy or make the tool to pull the bearing back up to its proper height.