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Ignition sparks on crank but then stops

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  • Ignition sparks on crank but then stops

    I have a 2001 F115TLRZ. Coming back from a an hour cruise the engine died when we idled and would not restart. It cranks, begins to start, then immediately dies. Fuel pressure at rail is fine. Gasoline and plugs are fine. Fuses all seem fine, though I found and cleaned some corrosion on the lower fuse terminal that feeds the engine control module.

    I checked ignition with a light between the plug and ignition cable and saw that when I first turn the key to crank, there's a spark for less than a second which then stops. I checked the kill switch and it is fine. So I suspect something is shutting down the spark as soon as it senses cranking... maybe a wiring issue.

    Appreciate any suggestions on where to go from here.