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    I currently have lower unit oil leaking out my prop. I took off the prop and found the seals that are located around the shaft. The seals look bad and I can tell by other issues that I have had with this boat that the previous owner didn't take much effort to fix stuff. I can replace the seals at anytime with my seal puller tool, the only reason I haven't is the fact that these seals look so badly rotted that I'm afraid the bearing behind them might have some type of damage. The issue with this now is that the bearing is located in the Bearing Carrier which I need a special service tool to get to. I need the tool to take the lock nut off which is called a Bearing Carrier Retainer Tool. I have a 2003 F75 four stroke outboard and finding this tool for this outboard has been a pain in my a$$. Any help?

    This is what the tool looks like but I can't find one made for my outboard.

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    Any Yamaha dealer should be able to obtain the needed tools for you. What has your dealer said to you?


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      Your picture didn't post.

      You can pull the LU off and run it down to the dealer.

      Give one of the mechanic's a couple of $'s to zip it off (right there), with their tool and be done with it.

      I suspect you'll probably be re-sealing the entire unit anyway (and a water pump)
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        if its a salt water motor odds are high that you cut the nut out.
        not hard but if your not careful you can destroy a case.
        its very rare that nut ever comes out with the tool in the salt pond.

        the other trick?
        remove the shift shaft.
        have a tool made,or buy it from Yamaha, to attach the prop shaft to your slide hammer and remove both the carrier and the prop shaft at the same time.


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          You can sometimes find this nut socket on E-bay, we made our own in the workshop.
          We heat the external of the case with a gas torch for a few min then hit the nut thread with some sort of penetrate, loctite freeze is good. Give it a couple hrs to work its magic then give it another crack. We usually have to use a rather long bar of the end of the tool to get it to budge though, but they do come out.
          Alternatively you could just use a punch to unscrew it an just install a new one when refitting.
          Good luck


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            take it out as you wish.
            typically with salt water motors you will either crack the case or remove the case threads if you attempt to unscrew it.

            easiest way is to cut it out with 3 5/16ths drill holes and crack it out.
            takes maybe 10 min.
            once the nut and the shift shaft have been removed attach the slide hammer to the propshaft and heat the case and bring out the propshaft and carrier.


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              IMHO, leaving the boat with Joe's Marine in Wanchese, NC will solve that problem. They're more friendly than a lower unit and you won't need to go back.