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VZ300TLRD Help!

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  • VZ300TLRD Help!

    We have a 95' VZ300TLRD on a Skeeter and recently have had problems.

    Current symptons:
    start up is good, idle is good, hole shot is good except it caps out at 4k however planes out ok, no major smoke issues however she will not exceed 4k RPM. Almost as if fuel is being held back. It planes out fine but if I push the pedal down to go past 4k once on plane it drops a little and just acts starved.

    What we have replaced/done:
    new plugs, complete cleaning of VST including new filter, new wires (they were damaged), new o-rings and gaskets on every component in the VST, a new strainer and a new throttle switch assy (mounted in the engine housing). We've struggled with various symptons over the past 6 weeks starting with no start/idle to idling and running up to 1500RPMs, then 3kRPMS and now it runs great but maxes at 4k. I feel like we are one step away from it running like a champ again.

    Could the Strainer be clogged again? Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance anyone for your feedback.