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2004 yamaha 225 5 amp fuse

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  • 2004 yamaha 225 5 amp fuse

    I continue to have the issue during start up, the feeding pump fuse blows. Before i continue, i have replaced fuel filter and fuel/water separator. I was hopeful that they were clogged and causing the pump to draw more amperage, i am usually pretty good with this stuff, just wondering if anyone else has run into this issue and could shed some light on a solution. Fuse continues to blow at start up, after i swap the fuse it then runs fine for the a while, until i start it up again. Im leaning toward a bad relay, or possibly the pump "sticking" during starup, i would appreciate some help if you can, thanks guys. -shawn

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    If there is any additional information needed please ask, any and all help is appreciated. Thanks again


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      more than likely the pump is simply failing.
      yep I know they are expensive but they do fail.
      you may try removing it and soaking it in combustion chamber cleaner but odds are its on its way south.
      BTW when it fails the last time you call tow boat US or paddle.


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        Thanks for the response, maybe its time to get my monies worth outta vessel assist, again thank you.


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          Can anyone help me with a part number for the fuel pump that is run off of the 5 amp fuse. It says its the feeding pump and im assuming it is the 69j-24410-00-00 part number but there seems to be another pump in the vst if im correct, i just wanna make sure im changing out the correct one thanks for the help guys.