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C115TXRW no spark at any plug

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  • C115TXRW no spark at any plug

    Background: boat started running rougher and rougher, missing until it would not even idle. Decided to clean carbs, replace reeds, check plugs and check for spark. Using a spark tester I had no spark on any coil, using a regular plug I had no spark at any coil, I could find no identifiable power coming from the pulsing and/or charging coil (I must confess, that last one I was just using a test light looking for any power.) I checked at the plugs that plug into the bottom and top of the CDI.

    Any type of help would be huge.

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    Check kill switch and key switch. white wire should not be grounded with key on and kill lanyard installed.
    Otherwise you have to peak voltage test the Charge coil, pulsers and CDI


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      Yamaha info starts on page 97, but you need a DVA adapter with a regular meter or a special peak reading meter for measuring the voltages to and from CDI to compare to specs

      CDI Electronics Practical Outboard Ignition Troubleshooting


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        Replaced pulser coils and stator, now I have a weak spark on 1-3 and no spark on 2-4, CDI at fault?


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          Very well could be. I had a similiar condition in the Keys two weeks ago. Boat was running fine and then all of the sudden I had no power on one engine. Drop tested it in the canal and found no spark on one bank. CDI went bad. Ruined my lobstering as the part for mine is backordered until 9/2 I got it back home and swapped the cDI from my starboard motor to the port and it ran fine. Yamaha Electronics are very good for the most part, this is the second CDI i have had to do but since the motors are 26 yearls old not too bad.