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'90 150ETXD twins on a Grady harness issues?

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  • '90 150ETXD twins on a Grady harness issues?

    Have a set of 1990 ETXD 2 cycle on a Grady

    Going tuna chasing last week ran out 50 miles... fine
    Trolled for 6 hours fine...
    Running back at 3500 RPM in following seas..not fine
    Port engine tilt display goes up and down like some kind of video ****
    Tach display goes to zero even though we are still running at 3500
    Then engine alarms and 1200's port engine.

    Oil in both tanks good, good gas, good filters

    Shut off engine wait 30 seconds--no problem for 10 minutes then repeats
    Only on port engine.

    I am thinking salt water getting under the cowling and shorting out my old harness probably right through the insulation.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance as always

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    Similar problems

    Hi LastCast
    I have a 1990 23' Grady powered by a single 250 ETXD we went offshore last Saturday for BFT and ran into rough seas and got an alarm as well
    The alarm puts the motor in low rpm to protect it. you said the tach went out did any of the arrows indicate a temp or oil problem? Certain that Temp and oil are the only things that can set off the horn off.

    My boat was taking a pounding and tach went out as well shutting off and on reset it but the engine side reserve tank was all foamed up, stopped feeding and went low. ended up pouring in some by hand to make it back.
    I have the service / trouble shooting manual for the 250 p.m. me if you want to see it should be similar to the 150. if you know someone with the Winkey Blinkey it will flash what codes are in error but it will only blink a fault code IF that code is active at the current RPM and load.


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      Yeah it was rough and whole display was flashing so I can't tell. Oil was good and no overheat. I was planning on changing the harness anyway. I did see dried salt the next day so I am thinking water came in from the following sea while trolling.


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        have you replaced the oil filter in the remote tank lately.They can clog and cause slow or no oil transfer,causing alarm to go off.The filter is on the back of tank, very bottom,you have to pull tank to replace.


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          Hey Mid,
          I haven't checked that but I will. I had an issue with low voltage from a corroded wire. When I ran a good one from the switched 12V it runs fine. THX


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            Corroded Connectors

            Check all the wiring harness plugs motor side. Found my problem it was the female side of the plug connecting the on motor oil tank, which is also the diagnostic lead. They were corroded bad making intermittent contact when the boat got slammed around.
            Trying to source molex connectors to replace the bad ones which @ less than $1 to pop in the plastic plug is way cheaper than a new oil tank sender.

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