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NMEA cables?

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  • NMEA cables?

    Looking for a source to buy the correct NMEA 2000 cables to set up a Lowrance network.

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    many options - eBay, Amazon, Westmarine

    long ago Lowrance used some proprietary "Blue" connectors -
    but now use standard - so any brand of NMEA 2000 parts will interchange

    the Lowrance brand of "starter kit" is one of the better values for what you get
    as is their "Yamaha Interface Cable"


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      Thank you for your response! Very helpful. The plan is to connect the Icom AIS 506 to the Garmin 5200 globalmap chart plotter for the GPS signal and the Yamaha 150TXR outboard to the Chart plotter to read the engine sensors using the NMEA 2000 network. The next step would be to connect the old Furuno 582 sounder to the chart plotter to see actual depths on the chart plotter using NMEA 00183..


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        Was able to get the backbone up and running! Went for shake down cruise today. Can some one tell me the normal operating range for the water temp? I have a 2006 F150 TXR outboard. Thanks, Nick


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          You normally won't see water temp via a Yamaha Command Link network. What you are seeing is engine temperature. What is it?


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            Temp went as high as 195f at 5200rpm, while doing a shake down cruise. Water temp was 65f. Doing about 30knots.