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Need To Fill Corroded Block-to-Head Mating Surfaces on 97 Yam 150 2-stroke

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    Checked put your previous re-build link, great job! You located in Cape Coral too?

    I come out of Tarpon Point..

    BTW, Deal Steel at Hanson and Evans has a great machine shop that can do aluminum welding very reasonable...
    1997 Angler 204, Center Console powered by a 2006 Yamaha F150TXR


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      That's an impressive log of your work on your motor 13 years ago.

      You obviously did alright as it did last all this time.

      Probably not relevant to comment on that work, but looking at those heads and jackets then, if you don't mind me saying so, they weren't in the best of shape then and one can see why they look like they do today, and considering 13 years has past, in a way the rate of deterioration is probably normal, what would be expected.

      It was also interesting how you attributed water pressure cleaning to the subsequent missing chunk of aluminium you referred to.

      I don't know the paint you referred to, but because it has rust in its name I assume it is intended for iron or steel. Rust dissolvers and inhibitors contain chemicals that attack aluminium. Now you probably agree it may have been a bad choice, but I would not worry too much as that small coating would not have caused much damage (if indeed it did contain rust inhibitor ), it probably just didn't provide the protection you sought.

      Goodluck with this repair I'm sure you will again do a good job.


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        Thanks Zenoahphobic. I was super meticulous not having ever worked on any engine block before back in 2006. I was grateful that year to a gentleman handled "Rodbolt" on one of the forums. He was instrumental in my making of decisions such as he told me absolutely positively get a replacement crankshaft as the journals have to be shiny and not blemished at all like mine were.

        Townsends, yeah CC! I am near the Yacht club off El Dorado East. Small world!!! We are kind of one of the boating capitals of the country though! Thank you for that tip about Deal Steel. I'll call them. Yesterday I called Superior Marine Salvage (south of Alico) where I got my parts from in 2006, and they will sell me heads, clean up the water passages / waterjackets, and resurface them for about $100 each. I think once I get this block material filled in I'll proceed in that direction. Sill might re-use my current starboard head once cleaned up. And I found out my old marine block welder / mechanic Greg H. is no longer in the business. He did good for me back in 2006.
        EDIT: I can't seem to find a Deal Steel at Hanson & Evans.
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          Here ya go:

          The machine shop is towards the rear (south end of the complex).

          They welded up a cracked (badly) Suzuki LU (both sides about 5" long) years ago. Still going strong years later, (and that was $75.00!!)

          There's not much they can't do...
          1997 Angler 204, Center Console powered by a 2006 Yamaha F150TXR