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Flush a 200hp 2-stroke?

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  • Flush a 200hp 2-stroke?

    My recent bought boat (with the Yamaha 200hp 2-stroke) is in the harbor 24/7.
    After a ride I want to flush the engine.

    I tried the hose port but unfortunately it isn't connected with anything and closed.
    So I only have the muffs option but the engine has to be horizontal to perform the flush with muffs.
    When I do so and start the engine the sound is a bit hard and I'm not sure if it's possible to perform a flush with muffs when the motor is horizontal.
    Does anyone have some advice for this noob?

    Thanks a lot in advance, hope you can help me out.

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    Besides the obvious fix the flushing device, you can put the muffs on, turn on the water, and tilt the motor BACK DOWN.

    As long as the LU pick up is below the water line, it won't hurt anything, it'd be like running in shallow water (tilted up)

    Start the engine and it'll take in your fresh, muff water (and be a lot quieter too!).

    Just turn off the engine before you turn off the water.

    I'd probably tilt up a bit, with the water on, then turn off the engine(just to keep fresh water in the WP/LU)..
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      Like Scott, said. First, fix the garden hose flush issue. It doesn't make sense that someone would block it off, unless there was another issue. You could simply have a clog.

      If you're concerned about the muffs sliding off, use a bungee.
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