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Yamaha 60hp 2 stroke lower unit

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    Based on research it looks like a 1998. Also I noticed it was leaking oil/water on the driveway from prop and a small amount of water between the mid section and lower unit while the hose is connected. I went ahead and ordered a complete gasket and seal kit for the bottom. I donít have a pressure tester for the lower unit.


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      which of these 98s do you think it is?


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        To guess the possible extent of damage it is useful to know what actually happened, as this damage to the end of the cavitation plate would have required considerable force.

        Looking at that propeller it is not that damaged at all. A prop shop could possibly straighten out where it may be bent, if you don't want to buy a new one.

        My guess is that that boat on the trailer was backed hard into something like a brick wall some time ago, as the aged wing is not damaged so has been put on after. The prop damage may have nothing to do with that incident and was done in the water. The anode may merely have been taken off and not replaced.

        So you may not have gearbox/shaft damage other than worn seals through lack of maintenance.