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!!!!!Please help water leak on lower unit oil!!!!!

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  • !!!!!Please help water leak on lower unit oil!!!!!

    Hi I need help with my lower unit leaking water into oil the motor is a 1986 Yamaha 115hp. I have changed seals behind the prop and the ones on top under the water pump and still getting water in my oil. Does anyone knows what else it could be I paid a mechanic already and reinstall new the top oil seals. This problem is driving me crazy every time I go out I have to change my oil and I'm afraid something is going to break.

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    how is it the Yamaha tech did not pressure/ vacuum test lower unit to see where the leak was?


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      Pressurize to 15psi and dunk in water.


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        try 10 PSI and use a spray bottle with a mix of water and dawn dishwashing liquid.
        there are 3 orings that could leak and 3 shafts with seals that could leak.