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NO POWER UNDER LOAD. 30hp 2 stroke.

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  • NO POWER UNDER LOAD. 30hp 2 stroke.

    hi there
    was wondering if someone might be able to give me some tips. i have a 1999 30hp mshx, 2 stoke, 3 cylinder. i am a bit new to outboards but am mechanically inclined.
    i just got my motor back from a friend who is a outboard mechanic i brought it into him to get tuned up after sitting for the winter. he changed the plugs and cables and all the usual tune up love. he noticed it ran like crap, and pulled apart the carbs and had to clean them up, he got a kit and installed new gaskets and the like. he had the motor in a tank and said it was running great. i picked it up put it the water and...

    started great, idle sounded good. i let it warm up for a bit and then put in gear and it was good. until i turned the throttle, no power. it never stalled out it just wouldn't rev up all the way. i took the motor home put the muffs on and no problems reving up. what could it be?

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    test spark.
    test compression.
    chase fuel ghosts.
    that's typically how it works.
    make sure the timer base moves.


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      not enough fuel to get any power under load or timing is not advancing properly would be my guess also