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Cleaning ISC on F90TLR

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  • Cleaning ISC on F90TLR

    Can the ISC be disassembled and ultrasonically cleaned in Simple Green or is there a better approach?

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    "its an electric motor" - so personally,
    I am not enthusiastic about either the need, nor the benefit, of "cleaning"

    just a hint though,
    if you decide to remove those tamper-resistant Torx screws to 'get at it" -
    don't try the YDIS "ISC test" while you have it apart;


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      fairdeal...I remember awhile back someone posting a comment about not using with YDS.

      I did clean and it seem to resolve the least for now.

      The part is $200+ which is a little spendy for this dude.


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        You might try some brake cleaner and light lube on the unit (just an idea).

        Worse case scenario (if it's not working correctly), sonic clean, make sure it's dry, blow with compressed air, electrical contact cleaner, lube.

        I've Sonic cleaned spark plugs (worked fair), didn't hurt the plugs, did take several heated cycles (water and dish soap) to get them clean..

        Found this video, might be worth a try:
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