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Corrosion on outer edges of gaskets

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  • Corrosion on outer edges of gaskets

    Am new to larger outboards, have just purchased a boat with original 2002 200 hp OX66 saltwater series with according to hour meter 600 hrs. It does appear to be a 2 owner boat and the motor looks really good compared to some others of similar age during our search. It was purchased here on the gulf coast and has been a saltwater trailered boat itís entire life
    The concern......a neighbor who states he has had other outboards expressed extreme concern at the corrosion at the head and power head gaskets. Stated he had blown motors and was convinced that the corrosion was the evidence that destruction was imminent.
    Performed a compression test prepurchase and had 120ís across all cylinders and no other performance concerns.
    I am a new member of this site and did search similar threads but would really appreciate options of my particular situation since the corrosion appears to be uniform on the exposed edges due in my mind to no protection from salt environment
    I could pull the heads or are there other things that I should look at before going to that step?

    Thanks to all in advance for your insight

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    you own it, why worry if it runs well.

    but then I would pull the stats and change then along with water pump and PRV.
    see what things look like inside the passages while you have those open


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      That looks fairly normal to me...gaskets can weep, seep and leak...that looks like a weep to me.


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        looks pretty normal for a 16yr old saltwater engine.
        looks like the water pressure fitting has been leaking some, but at least it is on the correct side of the block.
        I would sweat the cooling system maint,or lack of.
        the oiling system maint,or lack of.
        and fuel system maint,or lack of.
        when was the last water pump,and did the drive shaft seals get inspected?
        when was the last time the engine tank water trap was checked or the remote tank filter changed?
        when was the last time the O2 sensor output was checked or the sensor cleaned and PROPERLY tested?
        when was the last time the VST,injector filters and fuel pumps taken care of?


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          Agreed w/all the above....typical for an older engine. Be that as it may, if you don't have record of when last the gaskets were replaced it ain't a bad idea to pull'um. At which point you'll not only ne replacing gaskets but also have a good idea the condition of surrounding water passages.
          1998 S115TLRW + 1976 Aquasport 170


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            I'd leave it alone....unless you like dealing with broken bolts.....