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2002 90TLRA cuts off in idle

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  • 2002 90TLRA cuts off in idle

    So my 2002 90hp is cutting off in idle speeds. It also will sputter and die when i put in gear, forward or reverse. When i push the remote control to rev the motor it will perform like a champ, usually. Is there something going on in my lower unit? It wont stay at idle even in nuetral so i dont think it's that. I drove the boat around for a solid hour yesterday at about 3500 RPM with no issues, the only problem is at low engine speeds in gear, or at idle in nuetral. Any suggestions will be greatly appriciated. Just a heads up I have done any maintenace since last season, so it still has an old fuel filter, seperator, spark plugs, etc.

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    motor needs more fuel to produce power to turn prop in gear even at idle.\
    Pilot jets passages plugging
    Clean carbs and flush fuel lines while doing your other routine maintenance
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      My C90 model had the same problem just a month ago....I removed each idle mixture needle from the top of each carb, blew carb cleaner into the orifice, replaced idle mixture jets to 1-1/2 turns out from lightly more rough/cutting off at idle....first time I've had to do this since I bought the motor new in 1999.....easy fix! careful and gentle with those needles...use a small screwdriver and don't tighten them past lightly seated so not to screw up needles or seats....


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        Just to add to post #2. Just don't spray carb cleaner down the jets.

        Pull the jets, inspect/clean and physically look thru the jets (especialy the pilot jet as noted above).

        The orifice(s), especially for the idle jets are very small and easily clogged.

        Chevron Tectron is a very good fuel additive for cleaning (while underway-it isn't a fuel stabilizer). A fuel stabilizer, once repaired, will help prevent the issue in the future (due to the crapy fuel now a days).
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