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F60 Clutch Noise

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  • F60 Clutch Noise

    I have a pair of 2002 F60s (138 hours). Yesterday one spat some mashed up rubber through the prop exhaust and started to make a grinding sound under load and the prop stopped driving also under load (the motor just spun up to max revs). The gears engage / disengage correctly and the prop spins OK when there is no load on it.
    I am guessing this is some sort of clutch and seal problem.

    What do you reckon I need to do to fix this situation?
    I do have good mechanical skills and adverse to stripping and rebuilding.

    Yes, the water pump is working properly and delivering a strong telltale stream.
    The boat lives on water and there is no trailer or easy way to get it out.


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    You spun the prop, failure of the rubber cushion between the inner and outer could have your prop rebuilt at a prop shop, but best bet would to buy a new prop....that's about all there is to it....good luck!


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      Thanks, had not considered as simple a situation as that. I will pull the prop and have a look today. Thanks Robert.


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        Hey Robert, you were spot-on with your diagnosis, thanks.
        Now to find a pair of suitable replacement props. I'm pretty sure they are both the same vintage and if one has gone the other can't be far behind.


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          Its much cheaper to just have a prop shop replace that bushing. It just presses in ("hub replacement"). With age, the rubber breaks down and eventually spins with any torque applied..

          As long as the prop isn't damaged and your happy with the performance (correct RPM's, etc) I'd stick with that one..
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            Maybe a couple of new props and keep that one old/good one for a spare?....If your props are stainless steel the rebuild cost can be better than new ones, but aluminum props can be fairly cheap......