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Need Help With a 225 4 Stroke Outboard

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  • Need Help With a 225 4 Stroke Outboard

    Hello, I am new here and to boat owning. I have a 23 Parker in Santa Barbara California. The engine will start up and maybe idle for a few seconds before rattling and shutting off. I took it to the mechanic 2 times and the fuel pump was dead. We replaced the pump 3 separate times and finally once the boat ran for two trips. That was two weeks ago, now I tried again today and it had the same problem, disconnected all fuel lines and blew through them to make sure no obstructions or debris were inside. Switched the fuel line to the line that connects to the kicker and same problem, so we believe to have isolated it the outboard. Any suggestions as the mechanics that have it now are also scratching their heads?
    Matthew Lowe

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    which fuel pump was replaced 3 times?


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      It was the lift pump, and now they think maybe it was electrical? sorry for my lack of technical speak, im fairly new to boats but this problem is even stumping our marine mechanic.


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        may need to find a different mechanic
        were the fuel pumps fried or what was the problem with them

        You are not giving much info, so hard to say what is going on.
        Is pump loosing power to it?
        have you monitored fuel pressures to see what they were doing?
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          have they tested the relief valve between the lift pump outlet and the lift pump inlet?

          and a model number sure would help as there was more than one version of the pump driver circuits.


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            I will ask and get more info so i can be more specific with you all. Thank you for your help so far.