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F90 2004 - timing belt cost estimate

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  • F90 2004 - timing belt cost estimate

    Hey folks just trying to get a ballpark of $$$ I can expect to shell out to a marine mechanic to change out my Timing Belt on my 2004 F90. Scary that when I checked my hours on it I have 666 hours....Yikes!

    I usually do it myself but because of the flywheel removal and some other Yamaha specialty tools I think I'm going to have the Professionals do this job.


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    Not a hard job at all. I think a standard unevirsal flywheel puller will work just fine.

    If the flywheel is not stuck then its a few hours of your time and the cost of the belt...

    What other special tools do you need?


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      In addition to the puller I might use my small torque wrench and a hex bit to try to avoid damaging the belt tensioner as it is released. Assuming op has a similar tensioner to my F150.

      Edit...tensioner appears to be spring loaded. Makes it easier I would think.
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        A service manual is needed also.
        follow the steps/directions.

        Maybe Rodbolt can say how many hours are normally charged for that job.
        then just have to find out what the rates are in your area


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          Yep, just read the directions -- seems pretty straight forward, I think I'm going to tackle this myself. If Rodbolt does happen to chime in he can give me "Words of Wisdom,,,,,,,,,"


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            Yep, very straight forward. The flywheel will be your biggest issue (if at all).

            As noted, you have a simple spring tensioner.

            Just make sure everything is at TDC, cam marks and crank marks all lined up...
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              if you take longer than 1.5 hrs your milking it.
              move the crank to line up the marks on the crank and cam. loosen the tensioner.
              pop off the flywheel and stator remove and replace the belt. reassemble.


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                Thanks guys -- I'll report back with my results! From Rod's remarks it is as easy as 1,2,3!! Getting the belt on Friday!


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                  The "pop off flywheel" was the biggest issue, needed a gig ole' cheater bar but I got it! The rest was easy peasy. The old belt still looked great for being 14 years old!