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Fuel / speed gauge wiring diagram.

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  • Fuel / speed gauge wiring diagram.

    Hi All,
    Hoping soneone may be able to help me.
    I have two gauges on my console (1)Speed & Fuel (2) Tacho & Trim. No 2 gauge is working ok but the Speed & fuel gauge appears to have no power. last time out it did go blank then came back ok so i think there is probably a lose connection. Would anyone have a wiring diagram as there are about 6 colored cables. many thanks for any information received.

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    Red is battery power, yellow is key on power and black is ground.

    Do a search here for Yamaha wire colors or fuel meter wire harness.


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      Ok many thanks, will have a further scan through the forum.....


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        just be aware that the US market years ago only got one or two endure models and that was back in the 1980's.
        dunno if there is a difference now.

        the endure 48's I worked on in VE were different than anyting else I had ever worked on.
        at least they were dirt simple enough I could figure it out in the jungle at lake Guri VE.