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Trim gauge wiring yamaha 75 hp 2 stroke

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  • Trim gauge wiring yamaha 75 hp 2 stroke

    Hello guys,
    my Outboard Yamaha 75 HP 2 Stroke 1984 was missing a Trim gauge, now i got one used and dont know how to connect the wires.
    ive posted some Fotos of the Trim sender and the Trim gauge.
    i wouldve be very thankfull if someone can help me.
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    allright, seems like i did understand the way the gauge is hooked up,
    Color Codes: Black: 12v light neg -
    Blue: 12v light pos +
    Yellow/red: 12v ignition pos +
    Black/Brown: 12v neg-
    Orange/red: 5v send
    Pink/red: 5v read
    so to Keep it short, the gauge is connected to 12v+ ignition, this powers your gauge wich then converts it into 5v and send These 5v through the Orange/red wire.
    The orange/red wire goes then to the trimsender wich is potentiometer, depending on the trim Position the resistance of the potentiometer changes. The gauge reads the value of the potentiometer via the Pink/red wire. the difference btw. the 5v sent and the reading of the potentiometer are translated into a Signal on the gauge.
    hope this helps a lil bit.
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