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F250txr 2006 trim down problem

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  • F250txr 2006 trim down problem

    While trimming down the trim motor sounds as if the battery is going dead, trims up fine trims down fine
    until it gets to the trim rams. Any one had that problem? Voltage drop is good, i connected the trim motor
    to a shop battery an the act's the same. I don't know if it's the motor or the trim unit it's self, i have not seen
    this before.

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    I would think IF the voltage drop stays the same once it hit the TRIM rams, the electric motor is good..

    Just for S&Gs, perhaps loosen the relief valve (engine up) SLOWLY and make sure there's no binding coming down(probably not)

    I gather the fluid is nice and clean?


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      I would think there would be a good business in being able to rebuild/service trim tilt units. Seem to be somewhat of a mystery. Like rebuilding auto transmissions.


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        well, a while back I measured the t/t motor amp draw on my F225:

        during "trim up” 16 amps

        during "tilt up” 29 amps

        during "tilt down” 20 amps, dropping to 10

        during "trim down” 42 amps, dropping to 30

        So, its "counterintuitive" (and I have no understanding why)

        but despite having gravity and the weight of the motor on its side,

        the t/t motor has to "work hardest" trimming down:

        once the trim rams begin to withdraw.


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          FWpratt is needed at TOS.


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            Originally posted by boscoe99 View Post
            FWpratt is needed at TOS.
            Why? They don’t comprehend much there


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              I have noticed this working harder going down. In fact the speed seems slower too.
              I suspect it has something to do with the motor and pump not as efficient rotating backwards, and the flow of the fluid, the check valves, and maybe the resistance of the fluid behind the pistons not being able to move away as fast as the pump can push it on top of the pistons. A mismatch if you like, the system primarily designed to provide good pressure against engine thrust.


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                it is a pressure down unit, that is how it works. make sure all connections are clean and tight.


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                  I opened the manual relief valve and it will go down, all wiring is tight. Don't know weather to tear in to the unit or replace the motor.
                  Could it be the gear pump or dirty unit? Engine has over 1200 hours on it. I made videos of the problem but to dumb to get them on here.


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                    Will it trim down at all or just slow and straining?


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                      After it sits for 5 minutes in the up position it will do it when in the vert position. If you cycle it a few times it will work great.
                      It is like the skeg is on the floor and raising the boat.


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                        I have rebuilt a lot of trim units and have not seen anything like this.


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                          if cycling helps maybe the relay contacts are not making up well. burnt contacts.
                          lowers voltage to motor .
                          when you bump it a few times it makes up better.


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                            That motor might be a mess inside. Farideal had pics of his around 1500 hours. Lots of wear and dust.


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                              Plus 1 ^^^^...

                              Cheap and easy enough to pull the electric motor from the unit, inspect and clean. I'd do that before I started pulling hydraulics apart.

                              As you posted earlier you attached the trim motor directly to the "shop battery", same results, that should eliminate the relay (as a possible issue).