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2006 f90hp yamaha water pump question

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  • 2006 f90hp yamaha water pump question

    Just replaced water pump with kit I ordered on 2006 f90 yamaha. The kit included Gasket and o-ring for lower housing. I replaced these but did not replace the 2 oil seals since they did not come with kit. Is it ok if you remove lower housing and do not replace these seals?

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    good shop practice dictates that seals get replaced anytime they are disturbed.
    however if they don't leak your ok.
    pressure test the unit.


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      That is what I figured. I think I will just take it all back apart and change them.
      It will cost less than carrying it to be pressure tested. I don't know why they send the o-ring and gasket for lower housing in the kit and not the seals. I thank you.


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        I would pressure test before to see if they leak and after if you end up replacing to make sure you did not mess up.
        Make sure you follow the procedures in service manual and get seals set at proper depth also
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          weeelll nancy.
          first thing I do after reasealing a gearcase.

          I pressure test it.
          if required I also vacuum test it.

          if it passes then I fill it with oil.

          there is a reason for the tests.