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150 HPDI Hunting/Reving to High

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  • 150 HPDI Hunting/Reving to High

    G'day All, i have a pair of 150 HPDI 2003 models that run like a Dream but in the last month for some reason the Port puppy has developed a massive difference in its rev range whilst in Neutral.
    I took it to the Yamaha dealer here in Perth and they ran a diagnostics check with the laptop but No faults have come up anywhere and the mechanic said he went right through the motor and couldn't find anything wrong
    As stated up top these motors purrrr and have never missed a bet whilst going full noise but when ya put the muffs on them to wash em out the port one just screams at about 1300 revs and wont come down the starboard one purrs at about 5-600.

    Ive checked the mechanical linkages on the throttle cables whist in Neutral and it all seems to be fine so im thinking its electrical (And im a Electrican by trade so i have a little idea)

    Anyone care to throw some thoughts myway ??

    Cheers Mick

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    laptop is a simple tool.
    best tool rides on shoulders.
    my bet is a fault with the CTS.
    what is the base ign timing when idleing?

    in range failures can get ya as they wont throw a code yet they can be seen if the tech knows what it should be.