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F400? F500?

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  • F400? F500?

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    Hello Mr. Almetelo.

    It is an F425. Direct fuel injected. 5 fuel pumps. Why not 8? I don't think I would have been bragging about 5 pumps. Some things are better left unsaid.


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      should have made it with enclosed cooling and add another 35 lbs,
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        To heavy!!! With more 50kg you have a 627hp from seven marine
        Fortunately in not the problemtic block from the F350

        I was expecting more... a supercharged or turbo motor.. Maybe in the future

        Let way and see the results

        Thanks for the news Boscoe


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          For some boats I suspect it will be the perfect companion. Yamaha does not develop motors in a vacuum. They coordinate and collaborate quite extensively with their boat builder partners. Probably would not have been developed if boat builders were not expressing a need for it.

          Boats come first, then the motors. Same with air planes.

          The weight of the motor up against a 40' ~ 50' boat is a non-issue.
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