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SX225TXRZ upper mount dampers

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  • SX225TXRZ upper mount dampers

    Hi there,

    I'm looking to update the upper dampers (61A-44514-00-94) that seized with the rusted bolts but I'm short on funds to pay $100 a piece. For some reason I can't find them used anywhere... but it seems the mounts for all 3.1 and newer 3.3 are the same. Is this correct? Is the size of the 69J-44514-00-94 equal to 61A-44514-00-94?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Thank you for putting the engine model in the title. So much easier to work with.

    A 69J (four stroke) mount is going to be different from a 61A (two stroke) mount. Your motor uses the 61A prefix mount.

    The link below will show you all of the models that used the 61A mounts.


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      Here is a link to a guy that is parting out an SX225. I suspect you can get the mounts for next to nothing. Condition is unknown to me.


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        Thanks for your prompt reply. My assumption on the size comes from third party vendors offering solid dampers with same model for all 3.1 L and 3.3 L motors. I have found a few used 69J upper dampers around but none 61A... Except this guy you mentioned from THT, I'm getting one of the dampers from the SX225 he is parting, the other just seized to the bolt.