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Impeller for 93 200TXRR

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  • Impeller for 93 200TXRR

    I am planning to replace the impeller in my water pump, but I am afraid I may have the wrong kit. calls for 6E5-44352-00-00. The kit I have (61A-W0078-A1-00) has 6E5-44352-01-00. Anybody know if the -01 part will work? Thanks.

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    Impeller part number is 6E5-44352-00-00. The kit has a 61A prefix.

    The -01-00 impeller is the updated part number.
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      Great. Thank you. So if the prefix and main part number match, then the parts are compatible. Is that right, as a rule?


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        Originally posted by Elwood22 View Post
        Great. Thank you. So if the prefix and main part number match, then the parts are compatible. Is that right, as a rule?
        Usually, but not always.

        The main number (44352) will always be an impeller. The prefix denotes what model of Yamaha that impeller was first used on.

        If the first set of double digits (-00-00) following the main number get changed by a different digit in the second place (-01-00) then the parts are usually interchangeable. Somewhat. A -01-00 can usually be used in lieu of a -00-00. A -00-00 may or may not be usable in lieu of a -01-00. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

        Now if the first set of double digits are changed in the first place (-10-00) then 99% of the time the -10-00 will not interchange with a -00-00. And a -00-00 won't interchange with a -10-00.

        Yamaha makes it easy. Type the engine serial number into the search box at their website. It will take you directly to your specific motor. Then look up the part number. Order by that part number. You will get the part number unless the part number has been changed, in which case you will get the latest part number update. Order a -00-00 for instance and you will get a -00-00. Unless it has been replaced by an interchangeable part. Say a -04-00. You will get the updated part but only if it is applicable to your specific motor.


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          Good to know. Thanks again.


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            the 6E5 kit CANNOT be used as the 61A.
            two different wear plates and inserts.
            the 61A used a lock ring and collar so the plate and insert is somewhat different.
            the change occurred in 1995.
            not very hard to simply order the correct kit.
            unless the gearcase is 1995 or later.
            then you have to know what your looking at.
            that is where about 30 years come in handy.


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              He has the correct kit. 61A kit.

              He has the correct impeller. 6E5 impeller.

              6E5 impeller is within the 61A kit.