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C60TLRX Shifter Position

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  • C60TLRX Shifter Position

    Hi Guys, I've had the driveshaft seal and impellor replaced about a month ago. I still have not installed the lower unit back on the motor. I'm in Canada and spring refuses to show up, so it might be a few more weeks before I install it. When I removed the unit, I left it in neutral. This is my concern: The shift rod in the lower unit will rotate a little over 180 degrees and no matter where I position it, the propeller is always engaged in the forward position. I can never find a spot where the prop spins freely. Is this normal? I rotate the driveshaft by hand and I put the shifter from one extreme to the other and the prop is always locked in forward. It was working perfectly fine before I removed it and I just don't want to mess anything up.

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    Should be able to find n by turning the shift shaft counter clockwise while turning prop shaft.
    Be careful with the pliers on the splines.


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      that lower unit is one that is spring loaded into forward so you will have to overcome spring tension to get to neutral and reverse.
      the shift shaft can turn 360 Degrees, so turn it until you feel it get to the neutral detente and it stays there along with the prop being able to free wheel


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        Thanks a lot guys, I got her into neutral, just gotta wait for decent weather now.


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          good to hear,
          I was a little leary about turning one past where it did not like to go when I did my brothers C60


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            Ya, I was relieved, thanks again. Just one more question though. Does the shift shaft have a stopping point, or can you turn it continuously through the differently gears?


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              It will turn all the away around, 360 deg.