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SX200TXRB - Winter repair jobs

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  • SX200TXRB - Winter repair jobs

    I had my engine (SX200TXRB - not sure if its an 02 or 03) winterized at the marina and the mechanic had 3 suggestions of things to do before starting up again in the spring. None sound too bad so I thought I would try to get some info and see if I can do them myself.

    1) Install a fuel/water separator - any suggestions on what would be correct for this engine?
    2) The starboard side was running cold - suggested removal and inspection of thermostats.
    3) O2 sensor making ticking noise - clean or replace.

    Like everyone I'm trying to save a few bucks. Does anyone have access to videos or schematics with step-by-step instructions that would help me with these jobs? Thanks.

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    TXRB is an 03, Yamaha makes a fabulous F/W seperator kit,, flows 90 gph, would be good for that motor,,
    O2 sensor ticking would be the transfer tube, probably needs to be repalced.. and the thermostats should have already been done on a 2003 motor, so yes I would suggest doing them. not expensive at all and easy to do.. need to check the PRV as well,, they are notorious for sticking..


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      Thanks - is there a quick reference for schematics to locate the O2 sensor and thermostats? I am checking around to see if I can find a shop manual. Also - what is the PRV? Thanks again.


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        Pressure Relief Valve

        Stats are on the top of heads

        Parts break down for your motor can be seen if you click on the red Purchase Yamaha Parts at top of page. Just find your motor model


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          I found a Seloc manual for ~ $30 - the yamaha manual was ~ $95 - is the seloc worth it?


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            seloc works real well in the outhouse.

            for what your trying to do any manual will work.

            be aware that typically aftermarket manuals cover a range of models and can be confusing.


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              I found a manual on CD - from RecRepairInfo in Canada. Its for the right year and hp but doesnt have the model - just says HPDI 2 stroke. Any idea if this will be adequate for what I'm trying to do?


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                YAMAHA MANUAL STORE

                Look up your manual # here and order or do a search

                This LIT-18616-01-99 should be the correct one if you gave the correct model #SX200TXRB


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                  that HPDI manual would work very well for an HPDI.
                  you have an OX66.
                  they use radically different methods to get fuel into the combustion chamber.


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                    Check ebay. I got a used one for $40. The aftermarket manuals have always gotten me in trouble. Strongly suggest getting a factory manual.
                    1999 Grady Sailfish SX225 OX66
                    1998 Grady Tigercat S200 lightening strike (totalled)