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Update - F225TXRD thermo bore surface corrosion -

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  • Update - F225TXRD thermo bore surface corrosion -

    the recent thread prompted me to inspect - hadn't looked since last July

    here is a photo today of the starboard thermo bore - with 1954 hours on the engine

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    don't see the photo
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      Although I've checked it many times, I have done no "work" to the surface since the original "treatment" -

      scrupulous cleaning to bare metal, and a coat of rattle-can zinc chromate primer -

      which I did in January 2015 at 1100 hours

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        Looks pretty good...clean it up a bit and some more zinc chromate and off to the races again.


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          the work was prompted by my discovery of this condition in November 2014


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            the following photo is not mine - I didn't think to take any -

            but is exactly what mine looked like the first time I pulled the port thermostat at 1100 hours.

            (I had bought the engine several months before at ~750 hours)

            It was running fine - not overheating - but Boscoe had "clued me in" to the need to inspect

            I needed a pry bar to remove the thermostat - actually tore it apart in the process


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              Looks good, that's over three years.

              But what would be the average owner expectation if that was from new and the first time that was opened and that is what is seen?


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                Excellent Fairdeal,

                So tell us exactly what has your flush procedure been since January 2015 at 1,100 hours to today's 1,954?

                Are flushing with muffs and engine on? Or flush attachment and engine off? Or something else?

                Your bores look clean brother!
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