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Fairdeal my tired mind needs help

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  • Fairdeal my tired mind needs help

    F225TXRD with a -30 ECU. Motor has the CL connector. According to Yam data no joy on it being CL compatible.

    Doesn't the -30 output some CL data? The -31 has full CL data correct?

    Damn if I can remember all of this stuff.

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    I can't remember either - if I didn't have photos and notes stored on the 'puter I'd be completely in the dark.

    But checking back, you are absolutely correct.

    My TXRD was built with a -30 ECU - but had the CL connectors on the harness (but no yellow tape, no "S"/"W" labels)

    When I connected it to my Garmin 740s I got almost all of what I was hoping to get - certainly fuel flow, which was my major interest

    (can't recall what was NOT there - no engine hours? maybe no temp ? or was it oil pressure?)

    I got quite a few happy months of use from it

    but the problem came after Garmin updated their OS firmware -

    after I installed one particular update, suddenly the communication connection went haywire
    it would show up as connected, I'd get data, then the Garmin would "drop" the Yamaha - was on a 30 seconds on, 1 minute off cycle or similar
    made it impossible to use

    so that's when I bought the -31 ECU : perfect.


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      Thanks. I try to store stuff but can't remember where it is all stored.