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Torque specification for lower unit bolts

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  • Torque specification for lower unit bolts

    Looking to find the correct torque spec for the lower unit bolts on F150 and LF150 when reinstalling the lower units after water pump service. Thanks.

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    Might help to have a service manual when doing work on your motors, and others might help a little more if you posted your motors complete model #s

    I must say I never torqued those bolts myself, just good and snug


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      At least one SM shows them at ~34 lb-ft.
      They are M10 bolts - the "general" torque value is 25 lb-ft

      Personally I don't use a torque wrench for those;

      use a 3/8 drive handle - not a 1/2" - and "snug them by feel"


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        The motors are F150XB and LF150XB - 150 HP 4 strokes. Sounds like I just need to make nice and snug. Thanks.


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          for me,
          the emphasis is making sure they are greased real well so they can't possibly corrode in place before the next time they need to come out
          I'm not worried that all nine back out on their own and the LU falls off


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            Plus 1 ^^^.

            Make sure you use the correct mid section bushing grease on the drive shaft when re-assembling too..

            Automotive grease won't cut it...