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help 40 hp mariner

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  • help 40 hp mariner

    have bought a rib with a 40 hp mariner but looking to find out anY info about the engine and if there is a manual available, numbers on it are 40EL0 6EP L 451981 THE ENGINE HAS AN OIL TANK DOES THIS MEAN I DONT NEED TO ADD OIL TO THE PETROL ? THANKS IN ADVANCE

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    The numbers are not adding up. I am guessing that the prefix is 6E9 and not 6EP.

    Look at the CDI and see what letters and numbers are on it. Maybe look at the carburetors and see what casting marks there are.

    Yes, the presence of the oil tank indicates that it is a precision blend model that uses an automatic oil injection system. If the system is all connected (has not been disabled) then all you do is add oil to the oil tank as needed.

    Once we pin down what the model is we can refer you to a Yamaha owners manual and service manuals that should be applicable to your Mariner model.
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      Looks like the previous owner was worried about fuel contamination. An extra filter has been added. The one down below.


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        I tend to add these, particularly where there is no way to see if fuel is pumping. Jetskiis tend to have hidden small filters within the carbys, other than the screen filters on the pickup tubes into the tank., and invariably have fine rubbish inside the carbys.