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Carburetor - sticky choke lever pivot

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  • Carburetor - sticky choke lever pivot

    Hello all,
    I have two 2005 9.9 hp High Thrust (T9.9EXH2D) outboards on our new to us catamaran. The choke pull at the front of the port engine was sticky when we bought the boat but now it's impossible to pull out or push in. I have to remove the cowling and physically press the lever at the choke pivot point on the carburetor. The choke lever on the starboard engine functions perfectly.
    I was thinking that the problem was just some lubrication but no joy after spraying with sillicone, WD-40 and PB Blaster (not at the same time).
    Has anyone had this problem? Or does anyone have a solution that doesn't involve buying a new carb?
    I appologize if this has been answered before but trying to search the forum with my iPhone didn't work out. If it has been answered before, please reply with the thread link.
    Thanks in advance for your time and replies.

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    Probably have to remove choke linkage and clean or replace part thats siezed up.
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      If you can, disconnect the lever from the carb and see where its hanging up.

      If its the carb butterfly / shaft itself(likely), spray some brake cleaner (try NOT to get it down the throat) and work the shaft until it loosens up. Some PB blaster, spray greae once loose should keep things loose. WD40 isn't really designed as a lube and may help loosen it but brake cleaner would be better. GENTLY move the shaft back and forth with the spray a little at a time... DO NOT FORCE IT...

      Carb cleaner is sometime pretty aggresive and can sometimes destroy 0-rings, rubber parts/plastic parts etc...

      Just as a side note, I got a 4400 watt generator for next to nothing as the throttle was frozen (came as above, shaft/butterfly). I spent several hours just squirting a little bit of cleaner and gently moving the shaft until it loosened... It eventually did and works great (been 8 years since I fixed it)..

      Here's a link for the assembly before the carb: 2005 T9.9EXH2D Yamaha Outboard CONTROL Diagram and Parts

      There's apparently a bunch of parts there that can seize up. Once the link is open, you can see the assembly. If that's what's stuck, probably best to pull is apart, clean it and re-assembly with waterproof grease..
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        Here is the choke linkage. As noted, disassemble, clean and reassemble.

        Looks like part 18 rotates around part 19. Maybe a little dab of grease will do ya.

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          Carburetor - sticky choke lever pivot

          I had the same problem with a 9.9 EXBH (2011) on my cat. Removed the carb, soaked overnight and after much work loosened the pivot rod. The pivot rod cannot be removed which complicates the repair and compromises it.

          The same thing is starting on my other 9.9hp.

          These carbs appear to have a defect.