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Z250 will trim but not tilt

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  • Z250 will trim but not tilt

    My Z250 will work up and down throughout the trim circuit. Once I raise it up to the point where the tilt circuit should kick in it will go no further up even though the tilt motor continues to run. Fluid is full, batteries charged.

    Any input appreciated...

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    Anyone have an idea on this???


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      are you sure the fluid is full? Try this. open the manual valve and grab the engine and raise it all the way up on the brackets. close the manual valve, open the fill plug and try to add fluid, while you are trying to add fluid push the up switch and let it suck some fluid in, do this till the engine comes up off the brackets, when it is all the way up let go of the switch and continue to fill till fluid comes out then stop, put the resevoir plug back in, flip the brackets back up and open the manual valve and slowly let it back down. when it is all the way down close the manual valve. it is now full and should go all the way up, if this works you have a leak some where, if this does not work then the fluid is bypassing by a shuttle valve and needs some attention.