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2004 Yamaha 15 hp 4 stroke

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  • 2004 Yamaha 15 hp 4 stroke

    I have been looking for a good used 15hp 4 stroke for a family members 14' aluminum boat.
    I found an 04 Yamaha with electric start
    I have an 05 F115 on my fish and ski and love it and have always liked Yamaha products.

    I know you can't comment on this particular motor but in general are these considered and safe bet used ?

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    Sounds like you answered your own question!


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      If the motor is clean and looks well taken care of, and starts/idles/runs well, I would have no problem buying it. Assuming the price was right and it is what you want.

      Some might go one further step and do a compression check to see if it appears to be healthy internally. Beyond that, I don't have any other suggestions regarding condition of the particular motor.

      I do have one question however that only you can answer. Is that motor going to have enough power for the boat? I had a 25 HP two stroke on my 14' aluminium Mirrocraft boat. There were times I wish that I had more HP. The boat was rated for 35 HP. That is what I should had purchased in hindsight.


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        I would recommend running the motor under a load, like on a boat to make sure it will run well at all RPM and not overheat or other problems