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F115 oil leak

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  • F115 oil leak

    Hi Everyone,

    i have searched and found some great information relating to oil pump / crankshaft seal leaking on the F115 s. I have an 09 F115 (255 hrs) that is leaking around the plastic side cowling and the front drain holes on the front of the engine when tilted. I canít see any leaks from the engine block, flywheel, camshafts or sender and based on my local Yamaha dealer recommendation dropped the the lower unit to see if oil was evident as they believe if the oil pump is leaking it wil be present there. Inside was as dry as a bone but I still think the oil pump is leaking from the seal.

    Is it possible to have an oil leak from the pump and not have it leak internally down the leg? Yammie dealer says no if the oil pump was the issue it would be evident there. They have de-greased and changed filter in case of pin hole leak but so far after three days of troubleshooting can not identify leak. Tank testing has not been able to raise a leak.


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    You could try degreasing the pan with with a spray similar to GUNK. And then using a dye mixed in the oil like this: You would need a ultraviolet bulb in your work light.

    Tilt the engine back up with cowl removed to try to find where it is running from. I wouldn't think a leaking pump seal would dump oil in the pan/cowl area.


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      if it is leaking in the cowl it is not a pump. the pump mounts on the powerhead adapter somewhat below the cowl.
      like it was said,caarefully clean the engine.
      you can get the dye at napa.. use a black light.
      to speed up the testing block off the crankcase vents.


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        when tilted up and turned to the right
        oil leaks out around the dipstick rubber.


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          Rubber seal gone bad? Turn her the other way then...problem fixed.


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            Not knowing your model #, it seems the dip stick has the seals attached to it, part #27

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