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F90 stuck anode

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    Originally posted by boscoe99 View Post

    Rub it in. Get your pleasure in my pain. 35 here. Heading for 25 tonite.

    Got a pot roast in the oven to help heat the house. Smells wonderful.

    I did not get the invite for dinner that I was expecting. Thought I was gonna have grilled something or the other.

    I was also expecting a Fedex shipment of fresh coastal Georgia jumbo shrimp but no joy. What the heck is wrong with Fedex?
    Restaurants gobble up the catch this time of year.

    Settled on burgers. You are not missing anything. Well, my burgers are good. Not 4 1/2 hours good. I sear them on a cast iron plate.


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      Originally posted by zenoahphobic View Post

      My wife's horse is also into "killing" hay bales. (The way we spell it)
      Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner but my Father in law passed away and I have been out of town.
      To bale or to bail!! One racing forum I joined already had a haybalekiller so I spelled it bail. When I joined this forum I stayed with bail since this is a marine type forum. When I was growing up next to the
      Chesapeake bay we had an old skiff with a wooden bailer . Ah going down memory lane.
      Any way I got the motor back together and all seem ok, running in the drive way. When the weather warms up I'll give it a good test. Thanks for all the help.


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        Good to hear it went okay. Sorry about the passing of your father in law, hope everyone is doing okay.
        Keep life simple, eat, sleep, fish, repeat!