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VST filter on F60TLR

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  • VST filter on F60TLR

    On a recent trip, I was having a fuel starvation issue with my F60 after running it for a few hours. The primer bulb would go almost flat after driving WOT. I didn't have a chance to crack the fuel cap -- I was just about to the ramp and had to trailer the boat. Once I got home, I checked and tightened all connections including the fuel/water separator, which I had recently changed. (I've also installed a new inline fuel filter.) One thing I haven't checked was VST fuel filter screen. Could that be clogged? Is it easy to change? It looks buried below the rail and I'm hesitant to start pulling it apart if that's an unlikely culprit. Anyone had experience pulling the VST apart?

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    If the primer ball is going flat that is telling you that it something from the primer ball back to the tank. Could be

    Bad primer ball.
    Kinked fuel hose.
    Internally failing fuel hose.
    Anti-siphon valve defective, if equipped.
    Fuel tank pick up screen clogged, if equipped.
    Vent to fuel tank clogged.

    To check the VST screen put a fuel gauge on the motor. If rated pressure is maintained at all RPM's it is not the VST pump screen.

    Primer balls get soft but they should not go flat. Get that issue taken care of first, then move on if another problem persists.

    Another simple verification test is to disconnect the fuel hose at the engine side of the primer ball. Connect the hose to the motor to a small tank of gasoline. Run the motor at WOT. Is the problem resolved or does it remain? I would guess that it is going to go away. Confirming that you have a fuel supply issue, not a motor issue.

    Good luck.


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      Thanks. Perfect.