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VMax oil transfer issues! Need help!

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  • VMax oil transfer issues! Need help!

    Oil is not pumping into the motor tank from the main tank. VX150TLRZ

    Here is the weird part. With no oil in the motor tank, if I trim the motor way up the pump will automatically turn on and start filling. It will not operate by emergency switch either unless the motor is tilted way up. The manual states that the emergency switch will not work if the motor is tilted to high but in my case that is the only way it will work.

    Also while trouble shooting I noticed that the fuel pump which usually turns on for a few seconds when the key is turned to the on position, will not turn on anymore unless the motor is now tilted way up.

    Is there a sensor that is telling the motor it is tilted down when it is really way up and that is why nothing runs right when it is down in running position? The trim/tilt gauge is working fine.

    This one really has me confused. Any help would be awesome.

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    do a search here, it has been covered in detail a thousand times, search for precision blend, and various other names, it has been covered a couple of times in the last week.


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      you have a harness issue.
      no sensors on that motor that control oil or fuel pumps.


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        Thanks for response. I looked on here and many other sites but cannot find anything similar to what is going on in my motor.

        So a harness issue like a pinched wire or a bad connection? Any particular place I should start? I have checked the wires and connections to make sure they are tight on all of them and everything looks good.


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          Get a copy of the repair manual. View the wiring diagrams. Test each wire that is applicable to verify that it is in good working order when the engine is both up and down. Could be the wire itself, could be a connection issue (pin and socket) or ...


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            I think I figured it out. Everything look right so I stopped and thought about it a little. When my motor is trimmed way up the wires that come into the motor from the boat are bent slightly in between the motor and the back deck. With the motor in the down position, I pulled up on the remote extension cable and everything turned on. Must have a short in it from getting bent during trimming up over time. Does that sound correct to you guys?

            Is that pretty easy to replace? I am going to run up to the dealer tomorrow to get one. Thanks for your help and advice on this one.


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              sounds like a broken wire in the harness.
              most likely in the 10 pin harness between the engine and keyswitch.
              if the yellow wire from the keyswitch to the engine has a break, everytime it loses the connection the ECU and main relay rest, anytime the connection s remade the fuel pump cycles.
              oil transfer 12v+feed is tapped off the yellow wire a few inches aft of the engine ten pin connector.


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                Need help ID the harness. Connects up under the dash with a clear connector and in the motor with a black connector.

                Only number I could see on it is MEP 900. Does not look like the cable the yamaha parts list suggests. It is a Lund boat. Any ideas?