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What size Four Stroke would be best???

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  • What size Four Stroke would be best???

    Hello...I have a Pro-Line 2550 offshore boat, dry weight is 6000 lb. I'm currently running twin 200hp Johnsons but planning on getting twin Yamaha's before next spring...the fuel mileage is killing me!!! I currently only get about .5 to .86 MPG at best. I need some help determining what range in HP would work. I wont to achieve the best fuel mileage possible of course but don't want to spend thousands to find out that I don't have enough HP to push the boat. I want to be able to run 28 to 30 mph at cruising speed. Can I achieve this with twin 150hp and if so would they have better fuel mileage than the 200hp??? Any suggestions....

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    You might go to: Yamaha Outboard Performance Bulletins, to try to get an idea regarding fuel flows, MPG, GPH, MPH....Outboards generally run A WOT GPH flow rate more or less equal to 10 percent of the motor's rated your case 50 GPH at WOT....good luck!


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      That would be 40 GPH at WOT for your twin 200's...not 250' mistake...


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        Thanks...I check it out and it shows the twin 200hp will get better fuel gph than the 150's. Guess I will start looking for twin 200XCA...Thanks again


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          Have a look on attachment.
          Have the test of the F200 4 cylinders.

          Comparing with previous V6 at WOT consumption is a "little more" about 1gl/h

          So far no other fuel consumption tests with the new F200 that I know.
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