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Low voltage at remote pump motor

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  • Low voltage at remote pump motor

    i have twin 150etxd on a 1990 Grady.
    Had a ungrounded sensor on the port remote oil tank giving a yellow indication
    Read all the posts and fixed that..thanks.
    Problem is now when measuring voltage at brown wire at pump I get 7.5 volts.
    I have 12.45 at yellow wire at key and then 8.0 at yellow wire on motor.

    Could some internal corrosion in the wire harness really cause this much voltage drop ?

    Motor runs good but no oil gets pumped to main tank normally or with emergency switch. Connecting 12 volts directly to brown wire at connector on motor remote tank pumps oil fine.
    Thanks for all the help

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    yep, check the connector at the engine to oil tank harness, if that still shows bad voltage under a load then unwrap the harness and find the bad splice about 6" aft of the 10 pin main harness.


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      As soon as the gale passes I'll take a look. Blowing 50s at Newport, or.!